The Tale Of The Doctors Daughter.

Below you see, the eldest of the Black Doctors Children, Barbara-Jean Speedwell.


Her Father, Dr. William Speedwell, lived a secret life, keeping safe his children and wife, because he knew that his work in healing others, and telling them of the nature of their illnesses, had put him firmly in the cross-hairs of the local mainstream Doctors.

The fact that he was often trailed, by a tall, skilled tracker, employed he assumed, by the Doctors, had alerted him to either a desire by the Doctors to learn of his search for ingredients used in his cures,  or for some other reason, one far more sinister.

Dr. William Speedwell, was a skilled herbalist, and would scour the neighboring woodlands for the plants and herbs he used in his remedies. He would go from town to town, selling his curatives and treating patients. Over time he became sought after, for his cures worked, and that had rankled the local Doctors.

Dr Speedwell’s cures, lasted, and in many cases fully cured,the Rheumatism, and other long term ailments, that often occurred with people living in the damp and cold conditions of Ireland.

Dad, died all of a sudden, while in his favorite armchair. The last time I had saw him, that was where he was sitting, that evening when he was sadly taken. I was 5 years old at that time, and I never saw him again, he hadn’t been ill, and there was no good reason, a fit man in his fortieth year, that had taken care of himself, and other people, should have just died. The loss of my Father, was too much for my Mother to bear,  I don’t know why, but our family was split up, we two Girls went to Cavan, and my Brother to Cork and my mother went over to Lewisham.

Sadly, it has been a long time since the passing of my Father, lt is a time much longer than I would have liked.

By a strange quirk of fate, 18 years later, In London,  I actually met up with the Tracker, mentioned in the story above, He was an ex-military man, He words to me were: “the other doctors didn’t like him, because he told the people about themselves”, also “that if I had quarter the education my Father had, I would be well away ” he also mentioned “how strong my father was, how big his healing hands were”, and that he himself, the tracker, “never knew, my father the Doctor, had Children”. The old, ex-soldier, who was ill by that time, and couldn’t drink because, as he mentioned he had high blood pressure, while we sat in the pub, and talked.

London, was magical in respects of in a world so large, and over a time that was so hectic, the surviving members of my family, Myself, Elizabeth and Jerry, all met up there, and spent some time together.

Being a world traveller, I have also now lost touch with my younger sister Elizabeth-Brodie, and youngest Brother Jerry-Rufus, we had had our surnames changed by the Catholic Church as we were spirited away into orphanages, my sister and I in Cavan at the Poor Claire Convent , and my Brother Jerry in Cork, the name of his orphanage, is unknown, all of us now shared a new surname of Hopewell, rather than Speedwell, the name we had been born into, our family name.

We are thrown into this mad world, knowing not what a day may bring forth, so we rarely have the foresight, to maintain regular contact, and all it takes is to lose contact the once, and that once, is once too many.

This is a post that goes out to those who, have lost contact with, or have lost to time, those they loved.

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Looking up towards the eye of Draco, Beneficent guidance

Mythology has it that Draco is some sort of dangerous dragon.

Another, ‘Early Catholic’ version casts Draco as the serpent in the Garden of Eden, who tempted Eve, THIS IS NOT TRUE.

It was Formed by our Creator and the Heavens are declaring his glory.

The truth is that the  Constellation Draco is way up in the Heavens, ranging from 1 to 3.8 light years from Earth.

7000 years ago, Seafarers Looking up towards the Star Deneb, within to steer their way by night.

Within its bounds lie some of the most beautiful colored stars, planets and far off galaxies and that is why I have chosen Draco as a prefix to my Family name.

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A Nightingale Sang
if you copy and paste the above, in the address bar of a new window, you can hear a nightingale sing.

I am learning to use wordpress, please excuse my ignorance, and feel free to comment and improve my knowledge,


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the primal sunrise

  • every day is a fresh begining
  • everyday day is a world made new
  • today presents itself with new oportunities
  • today you can start life afresh.
  • the above four points quoted from the late Stewart Wilde

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I was born Barbara Jean Speedwell in Belfast, but in 1948 our surname was changed, by the Catholic church when they baptised us and hid us in orphanages in Eire I am looking for my Brother Rufus or Jerry Hopewell who went down to an orphanage in Cork and last time I saw him was in London mid 60s, and sister Elizabeth Brodie Hopewell, who was with me in a Poor Claire Orphanage in Cavan. she later moved to amsterdam in the early 70s and that is when I last saw her.
my sister and I were known as the black doctors daughters, as he was a popular doctor.
anyone who knows anything regarding my siblings, please contact me via this site ie comment.

Thanks,  Dracospeedwell

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Imagination Works works

A long time ago my wish was to visit my Fathers ancestral home Africa.
I observe now with all the upheavals taking place there that wish may not come to be.
Now I have seen another outlet, and that is brilliant.
With the wonderful documentaries that Sir David Attenborough and his support team have taken me through my minds eye to Africa, and in ways I never imagined.

Ways I could never hope to observe by a visit in person.
So now I can say that my wish has been granted in safer and in a more encompassing way.
Yes the mountain has come to me.

The Universe does work in mysterious ways.

Thank you Universe.

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Rather than forget the Gods of India…

Rather than forget the Gods of India…first clean up the Ganges.   Instead of looking at Mother India,  how about looking at the bigger picture of Mother Earth and how we can work and live together.

We can all do something, every little helps, every telly, video etc that is left on, all consume energy needlessly. we all know ways we could change, the difference is doing.

Please share, feel your Innerself, and remember, from the Earth we come, and to the Earth we return, for She is our Mother, and we must look after her.

Mother Earth has given us so much beauty she has nurtured us lest not we forget.

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Relative Values: how do we reconnect with those we have lost touch with?

testing, is there anybody out there?

can you hear me, smile.

I would appreciate feedback, as I am new to blogging, my main focus is getting in touch with my brother Jerry Hopewell, and my younger sister Elizabeth Brodie Hopewell (born october 45.)

All born in Belfast, and parted by the Catholic Church, the girls to remain in Ulster,

Jerry (born in october 44) was sent to Cork, Munster. pretty sketchy, but its a small world now, and apparently there are only seven connections required to link anyone of us to another, I hope thats true.

I’ll just leave it up to you and the powers that be…

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