Relative Values: how do we reconnect with those we have lost touch with?

testing, is there anybody out there?

can you hear me, smile.

I would appreciate feedback, as I am new to blogging, my main focus is getting in touch with my brother Jerry Hopewell, and my younger sister Elizabeth Brodie Hopewell (born october 45.)

All born in Belfast, and parted by the Catholic Church, the girls to remain in Ulster,

Jerry (born in october 44) was sent to Cork, Munster. pretty sketchy, but its a small world now, and apparently there are only seven connections required to link anyone of us to another, I hope thats true.

I’ll just leave it up to you and the powers that be…


About Galantre

I was born Barbara Jean Speedwell in Belfast, but in 1948 our surname was changed, by the Catholic church when they baptised us and hid us in orphanages in Eire I am looking for my Brother Rufus or Jerry Hopewell who went down to an orphanage in Cork and last time I saw him was in London mid 60s, and sister Elizabeth Brodie Hopewell, who was with me in a Poor Claire Orphanage in Cavan. she later moved to amsterdam in the early 70s and that is when I last saw her. my sister and I were known as the black doctors daughters, as he was a popular doctor. anyone who knows anything regarding my siblings, please contact me via the comments on thanks
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1 Response to Relative Values: how do we reconnect with those we have lost touch with?

  1. Barbara jean says:

    Great first post, second post had me double binded, was it testing, or were you stating, testing, as in life, the things we do, all things really are testing, the things we do everyday are just tests of memory and physical abilty, or new situations we get through with grace of destiny.

    happy to be connected at last to draco

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