Imagination Works works

A long time ago my wish was to visit my Fathers ancestral home Africa.
I observe now with all the upheavals taking place there that wish may not come to be.
Now I have seen another outlet, and that is brilliant.
With the wonderful documentaries that Sir David Attenborough and his support team have taken me through my minds eye to Africa, and in ways I never imagined.

Ways I could never hope to observe by a visit in person.
So now I can say that my wish has been granted in safer and in a more encompassing way.
Yes the mountain has come to me.

The Universe does work in mysterious ways.

Thank you Universe.


About Galantre

I was born Barbara Jean Speedwell in Belfast, but in 1948 our surname was changed, by the Catholic church when they baptised us and hid us in orphanages in Eire I am looking for my Brother Rufus or Jerry Hopewell who went down to an orphanage in Cork and last time I saw him was in London mid 60s, and sister Elizabeth Brodie Hopewell, who was with me in a Poor Claire Orphanage in Cavan. she later moved to amsterdam in the early 70s and that is when I last saw her. my sister and I were known as the black doctors daughters, as he was a popular doctor. anyone who knows anything regarding my siblings, please contact me via the comments on thanks
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2 Responses to Imagination Works works

  1. Nicu says:

    Yes, you do not help destroy the planet travelling there in a jet either. Kudos.

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  2. thank you for the kudos, you deserve some too, with what you have been through.
    you are looking good in the gravatar.


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