Looking up towards the eye of Draco, Beneficent guidance

Mythology has it that Draco is some sort of dangerous dragon.

Another, ‘Early Catholic’ version casts Draco as the serpent in the Garden of Eden, who tempted Eve, THIS IS NOT TRUE.

It was Formed by our Creator and the Heavens are declaring his glory.

The truth is that the  Constellation Draco is way up in the Heavens, ranging from 1 to 3.8 light years from Earth.

7000 years ago, Seafarers Looking up towards the Star Deneb, within to steer their way by night.

Within its bounds lie some of the most beautiful colored stars, planets and far off galaxies and that is why I have chosen Draco as a prefix to my Family name.

About Galantre

I was born Barbara Jean Speedwell in Belfast, but in 1948 our surname was changed, by the Catholic church when they baptised us and hid us in orphanages in Eire I am looking for my Brother Rufus or Jerry Hopewell who went down to an orphanage in Cork and last time I saw him was in London mid 60s, and sister Elizabeth Brodie Hopewell, who was with me in a Poor Claire Orphanage in Cavan. she later moved to amsterdam in the early 70s and that is when I last saw her. my sister and I were known as the black doctors daughters, as he was a popular doctor. anyone who knows anything regarding my siblings, please contact me via the comments on WWW.dracospeedwell.com thanks
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